.:*Karly's Art Porfolio!*:.

-Picture i took in the backyard - cool - Summer 2010

.:*Hello! Welcome to my art portfolio! My name is Karly Gonnering and i
am a Senior at New London High school.I took two semesters of Ceramics
last year and i loved it! I love being able to create something out of nothing.
I love being able to see how my projects turn out. I like being able to express my creative side
in school because i can't do it anywhere else. I like being able to learn different styles
of art and just being able to be myself and creative. I'm taking another semster of Ceramics
this year and taking my first semester of Jewelry. I really enjoy Jewelry. I like seeing all the
different ways i can create something whether it is with clay, medal, beads, paint, glass and
anything else. I was amazed with the things I was able to make and I can't wait to see what
my art future holds for me! :) *:.