.:*Ceramics 1 Semester 1...:*

Footed Wheel Bowl - 2010
Although this bowl took me several trys to make, it turned out to be better than I thought
it would. I love the blue, green, and black color combination on the gloss white. The
trimmed foot on the wheel makes the bowl look finished and neat.

Mini Slab Bowl - 2010
I love the size of this bowl. Making this bowl was harder than i imagined it would be
and it took me a few times to get it right. This bowl was the first bowl I made and the
first time i used under glaze. It was interesting to see how much darker the color got
with the clear glaze on top.

Wheel mugs - 2010
For me, the mugs on the wheel were quite a challenge. Since they were such a
challenge to me, it was much more rewarding to see them finished. The blue and
green Bulbus mug is my favorite. I just experimented with colors and it looks awesome.

Mini Handmade Bowl - 2010
This bowl has a unique shape and that's what i like most about this bowl. I like the design.
There was one little mishap, the brown was supposed to be green and i have absolutely no
idea what happened. But overall, i like the way this bowl turned out.

Slump Bowl - 2010
I love the way this bowl turned out. Even though my first one broke, I'm so happy i made a new
one. I took a picture off the internet of a lily and tried to copy it. It turned out pretty well for my
first time drawing one. The only thing that went wrong was that I drew the middle pistol part on
with a sharpie and it ran off but it still looks cool.

Mini Pinch Bowl with Feet - 2010
With this bowl, I experimented a lot with different under glazes and i loved the way it
\turned out. The colors went together very well. I was pleased with the design too.
Making this bowl was different than i imagined but it turned out pretty cool.

This is my absolute favorite project. I love the way it turned out. It was so rewarding to see it done. I spent
so much time on it and it finally payed off to be such a perfectionist about these projects. I wasn't sure
about the color combination at first, but now, i love it! The only problem i had was the bottom broken off but
that was fixed by glazing it back together. I love the lilies and i love this project!