Burnished Coil Pot -2011
I like how this turned out. It looks different than all of my other projects because its not smooth and glazed. Having to make this was a challenge because i waited to long and it was too dry to do anything with it,. But overall, i like how this project looks.

Drum - 2011
I did this project in replacement of my metal mug. I made the whole thing on the wheel in two seperate parts. My favorite part of this project is the embelishments and designs that i put on it. The most challenging part was trying to make the two seperate pieces fit together equally.

Coil Mug - 2011
This mug makes me laugh because it reminds me of an eater egg. I tried to mix colors to make a royal bluish color but it turned out brownish black. The color is still pretty cool and the hardest part was making the inside smooth.

Metal Box - 2011
This box is for sure interesting. It warped in the kiln and the edges are crooked. The funniest part about this project is the color. It was supposed to be a metallic silver but it turned out to be brownish blue. I personally don't think it looks good. It gives the box a look of its own.

Jar - 2011
This jar was our first project of this semester. The texture gives the box character. I found it interesting on how we made the jars. It was cool making textures and then turing a simple slab into something cool.

Challice - 2011
I think this project was by far the hardest. First we had to make the top and then make a bottom to match the sixe of the top. It took many tries, but this is one of my favorite projects. I really like the way it looks.

Challice Mug - 2011

Coil Bottle - 2011
This project turned out pretty good. The green glaze finally turned out the way i wanted for once. The bottle shape was harder to form than i thought it would be. But overall, this is one of my favorites.

Coil Bottle Mug - 2011

Square Pot - 2011
This project was the hardest one to make on the wheel. The biggest challege was getting the cylinder tall enough. this project is unique and that's what i like most about it. It's different than most of my projects.

Square Mug - 2011

Ugly Jug - 2011
This project was fun. It's cool to be able to create emotion. The nose is huge. The biggest challenge of this project was getting the jug even on both sides and not have one side fatter than the other. This project just makes me laugh.

Ugly Mug - 2011

FINAL PROJECT Perfect Mug - 2011
This mug took me a lot of tries to make. I like the way it turned out and it's size is big enough for and acutal drink. haha. Even though it is not glazed yet, I am interested to see how the colors turn out. This is one of the best mugs i have ever made.